Financial Support Opportunities

You are interested in our degree programs, but finances pose a challenge? Take a look at these options and opportunities – please note that some options are only open to residents of Germany:

Scholarships through the „Friends of the AWM” (AWM-Förderverein e.V.)

Small stipends are awarded for each academic year. Application forms and regulations can be found under Stipendien.

Tax Deductible Donations through the AWM Förderverein e.V.

You have friends or your church who would like to support your studies, but would appreciate a tax deductible receipt? Set up an internal account for this purpose by contacting Ute Fingerle: reveal this.

Education Loan (only available for residents of Germany)

The German Government and the KfW together with the federal administration organisation for students offer low interest loans to students in the final phase of their educational programs. Please refer to the website of the „Bundesverwaltungsamt“ and of the KfW.

Educational Leave (only available for residents of Germany)

Currently, AWM is in the process of certification as an continuing education institution. This is the basis for students receiving educational leave from their employers. Conditions are regulated by each state – so the location of your employer is the deciding factor, but you may qualify for up to five days of educational leave per year with pay. This leave is available also for educational opportunities applying to volunteer work, not just for work related courses and programs. Educational leave is offered under various names in the different states (i.e. Bildungszeitgesetz, Bildungsfreistellung, Bildungsurlaub, Arbeitnehmerweiterbildung). Please contact the respective government office in your state.

Accreditation in Rhineland-Palatinate

We received written notification of AWM’s accreditation as a continuing education institution from this state. It is our understanding that this enables residents and employees of companies of Rhineland-Palatinate to apply for

  • Educational Leave – also for volunteer work and/or
  • Education Subsidy (called „QualiScheck“).

More information and applications forms