Peter Westphal

Peter Westphal

In June 2019, Peter Westphal took over the leadership of the AWM in Korntal. Dr. Westphal is originally from Northern Germany, but has spent 30 years working with different organizations in Asia. From the very beginning, he was captivated by the question "How can work be done more effectively and how is this carried out differently in other cultures?" Developing competent and empowering leadership, as well as crosscultural and missiological relevance, became therefore the focus of his work in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Peter Westphal has studied Chinese in Taiwan, obtained an MBA in Scotland, and completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (NCU, USA). As a consultant for leadership and organization development for Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific and Europe, he has been involved extensively in missiological reflections on global partnerships in Missions and their practical applications over the last 10 years.

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