Admission Requirements

Personal Requirements

We seek applicants who...

  • passionately and competently seek to share the Good News
  • are eager to cross cultural borders
  • desire to participate in God's mission "to the ends of the earth".

Academic Requirement

Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. If you come from a European country and have not had the chance to earn a bachelor's degree, please contact us about BA-equivalency.

Applicants with an undergraduate Degree in Bible/Theology may receive advanced standing without credit.

Proficiency Exams
In some cases it is possible, to document knowledge gained outside the class room via a proficiency exam and thus receive credit... more

Contact us for more information.

Magnus Großmann
(Ph.D. cand, South African Theological Seminary; MA., CIU) was involved in youth ministry in Germany and South Africa. He is a member of the Christian-Messianic Research Community, the editorial staff of th ...