Cross(ing) Cultures

Our society is changing rapidly. Pluralism and multiculturalism are central issues and we encounter them every day at work, in our leisure time, in churches and communities, and probably even in our own families.

To proactively shape the future, it is essential to reflect on the past and understand the present. A look at the (philosophical) history of Germany will provide guidance.


Key competencies for the future lie in being in conversation across (cultural) boundaries and maintaining our voice about our faith in Jesus Christ. Intercultural communication and also the question of the role of religion in today's society and in view of the integration process of migrants are focal points.

Cross(ing) Cultures - this includes two aspects that run through all seminar blocks: On the one hand, by attending the seminars, people are enabled to overcome cultural boundaries - crossing cultures. This happens through understanding one's own and also foreign cultures and histories. On the other hand, our actions and thinking are based on the culture that the Bible teaches us, the culture of the cross - cross culture.

A tremendous program for everyone engaged in intercultural ministry, however, currently there is only one course available in English (Engaging Culture with the Gospel).

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Program Coordinator

Yassir Eric
(M.A. Ev. Theologie, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg) Yassir Eric is an outstanding expert on Islam, not only academically, but also because of his personal migration background. He is a sought-after ...


Raphaël Anzenberger
(D.Phil/D.Min., Columbia International University, USA) Director of imagoDei, President of France Evangelisation and CEO of the Global Evangelists Forum. He serves as ambassador at large for the board of th ...
Elmar Spohn

(D.Th., University of South Africa) Missionary in Tanzania for 8 years and has been a lecturer for intercultural Studies at ESCT since 2013.

Luwai Vargo
Der gebürtige Syrer lebt mit seiner Familie in Ludwigsburg. Er bringt mehrere Jahre Erfahrung in der ehrenamtlichen Leitung von Migrationsgemeinden und in der Flüchtlingsarbeit mit. Seit 2020 ist er Mitarbe ...