About us

Über uns

The work at EIMI seeks to enable people to meet others free of prejudice. This applies to both the members of the host society and the immigrants living in Germany. That is why all our courses are aimed at both sides. We want to avoid parallel structures, where everyone merely coexists peacefully side by side. Quite on the contrary, we jointly seek to find a way that cultural diversity can be used as an opportunity to learn from one another and to enrich each other. That can only suceed if differences can be clearly stated. It must be possible to express concerns and fears. The goal is to gain a real understanding of and for one another, from which stable and trusting relationships can be formed.

In order to reach these diverse goals we work on various levels:

At the structual level we are in contact with organisations, committees and persons in responsibiltiy who deal with the issues of migration, integration and islam. We are aware that this is not a new phenomenon. Through networking and communication with different initiatives we hope that a synergy effect can be reached.

At the church level we are in contact with many german and migrant churches. We supply educational seminars, training in intercultural competencies or support for integration projects. By invitation EIMI staff will gladly come to more churches for evening meetings, seminars or church services.

At the educational level we mainly offer training as a „Integrationsbegleiter“.

One prerequisiste of a successful integration is language aquisition. Therefore, empolyees of german courses, schools and kindergartens can receive from us many helpful suggestions and recommendations for language training within german classes, kindergartens and schools.

Integration is a life long task for both sides - those who should be integrated and those who must be willing to integrate. EIMI would like to be a supporter, guide and instructor for all those involved.