Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Theological teachers and leaders of theological institutions need solid theological training. What does it take to become an acedemic lecturer, dean or program director?

Our PhD-concentration in "Leadership in Theological Education" provides you with the needed competencies.

This program is unique in its integration of biblical-theological, intercultural and pedagogical aspects. Course content is relevant for teaching and leadership tasks in academic and non-academic contexts, for traditional and alternative educational programs.

It is geared especially toward all who teach, lead or develop educational programs in non-western cultures.

At the same time it addresses those leading western theological institiutions/programs who desire to minister with increased competence in cross-cultural issues.

  • People in international, intercultural educational ministries at various educational levels.
  • People who desire to develop new training programs for church and mission.
  • People responsible for educational aspects and programs in mission organizations and churches.
  • Leaders of theological schools.

Basic structure of the program: Required courses (24 cr.hrs. = 8 courses), electives (21 cr.hrs. = 7 courses), research seminars and dissertation (21 cr.hrs. = 3 courses plus dissertation)