Debriefing for Member Care Provider (Fachseminar)

Präsenzphase: 25.10.2021 - 29.10.2021
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Seminarbeginn: 25.10.2021, 9:00Uhr
Seminarende: 29.10.2021, 13:30 Uhr

Goals and Overview

The Goal of Personal Debriefing Retreats

The Personal Debriefing Retreat offers the opportunity for cross-cultural Christian workers to process their experiences on the field in a structured way and guided by trained facilitators. Introduction and teaching around the topics are given in plenary group sessions followed by personal times of reflection. Then participants meet with their trained debriefer to further process in a safe, confidential setting. The group meet together daily for feedback around the process – how it was for the participants, how did the tool or process help them in their reflection or telling of the story, etc. In the later part of the week, debriefees are reminded through scripture passages of Jesus’ willingness to take their sin and pain and an invitation is extended to give it to him during a cross workshop. Through this process debriefees often experience a fresh encounter with the Lord.

Topics include

  • The Emmaus Walk – A debriefing model from Scripture where Jesus revealed himself to the disciples during their walk
  • Life Path –The 5 C’s – change, concerns, criticism, conflict and crisis
  • Loss – John 10:10
  • Grief
  • The Public Testimonies of Jesus – Jesus the Sin-Bearer; Jesus the Beloved Son; and Jesus the Pain-Bearer
  • The Exchange at the Cross – An invitation and personal preparation to leave one’s pressing issues at the Cross

Optional topics that can be used at the discernment of the

debriefers include

  • Relational injustices and how to deal with them
  • Transition and stress issues
  • The Father Heart of God
  • False accusations we can have in our hearts against God
  • Unmet expectations; disappointment versus reality gradient
Erik A. Spruyt
Erik Spruyt, MT (BA and BS in Physical Therapy, Masters in Orthopedic Therapy and Orthopedic Diagnostics with a minor in Psychiatry (post concentration camp syndrome)), is presently together with his wife J ...
Kristine Bresser
(BA in Biblical Studies; MA in Religion; MA in Conflict Transformation; PhD cand. in Counselling Psychology) has been serving in missions since 1986. From 1994-98 she served the church leaders in Rwanda in ...


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